To effectively monitor the progression of a transaction, users take advantage of the Status Tracker available in the Blueprint Portal’s UI. This tool offers a hierarchical view of the transaction process, broken down into Phases, Milestones, and Tasks.

Blueprint Status Tracker

Blueprint Status Tracker

  • Tasks: These are the fundamental units of work that steer a transaction towards completion. Every task is part of a milestone. For a comprehensive list of all tasks, see below.
  • Milestones: A milestone groups several tasks together. It is marked complete once all its associated tasks are finished.
  • Phases: This is the overarching level, comprising various milestones. A phase is complete when all the milestones within it are fulfilled.

Blueprint's API allows users to fetch the list of Transaction Tasks in its entirety.

For an example request and payload, please see List Transaction Tasks

For a comprehensive list of Tasks, Milestones, and Phases, please see below:


The order and presence of Tasks is subject to change based on the transaction's type or state.

TaskMilestoneOrder Type
Borrower Intake FormsInformation GatheringRefinance
Buyer Intake FormsInformation GatheringPurchase, Loan
Seller Intake FormsInformation GatheringPurchase, Loan
Mortgage Payoff StatementInformation GatheringAll
Earnest Money DepositInformation GatheringPurchase, Loan
HOA Resale DocumentsInformation GatheringPurchase, Loan
Title SearchTitle ClearingAll
Title CommitmentTitle ClearingAll
Title RequirementsTitle ClearingAll
Closing Protection LetterTitle ClearingRefinance, Loan
Borrower Closing ScheduledClosing PreparationRefinance
Buyer Closing ScheduledClosing PreparationPurchase, Loan
Seller Closing ScheduledClosing PreparationPurchase, Loan
Preliminary StatementClosing PreparationAll
Final Settlement StatementClosing PreparationAll
Lender Closing DocumentsClosing PreparationRefinance, Loan
Borrower Closing DocumentsClosing PreparationRefinance
Buyer Closing DocumentsClosing PreparationPurchase, Loan
Seller Closing DocumentsClosing PreparationPurchase, Loan
Borrower Signed DocumentsClosingRefinance
Buyer Signed DocumentsClosingPurchase, Loan
Seller Signed DocumentsClosingPurchase, Loan
Borrower Closing CompletedClosingRefinance
Buyer Closing CompletedClosingPurchase, Loan
Seller Closing CompletedClosingPurchase, Loan
Wire ReceivedFunding & DisbursementAll
Funds DisbursedFunding & DisbursementAll
Documents RecordedRecordingAll
Lender's PolicyPolicies IssuedRefinance, Loan
Owner's PolicyPolicies IssuedPurchase, Loan


The order of Milestones is subject to change based on the transaction's type or state.

Information GatheringClear-to-Close
Title ClearingClear-to-Close
Closing PreparationClosing
Funding & DisbursementPost-Closing
Policies IssuedPost-Closing