All Testing will take place on our Sandbox environment. Sandbox will either directly reflect or be slightly ahead of Prod. Our plan for how to manage API versions is currently under consideration.

In order to be able to test on Sandbox, you will need:

  • An existing API agreement with Blueprint Title (please ask your primary Blueprint contact about this if you don't have one)
  • To be set up as a Client with at least one Client Admin User on Sandbox. This is a manual process that our Engineering team can get going for you.
  • To log in to our Sandbox environment, set up a Bearer Token, and enter your testing Callback URL(s)

Once these steps are complete, you should be able to test the API using the hostname in place of

Please note that many events (such as certain Callback events being triggered) will require Manual intervention from a Blueprint team member. We are still in the process of defining how this will normally work, so please expect a bit of tinkering in this respect. We're here to help.