Create a Purchase Transaction/Order

Below are the fields available when creating a new transaction/order. While not all fields are required, the more information that is provided, the faster we can begin processing your transaction.

Purchase Contacts
Purchase transactions can accept Assigner, Buyer, Buyer agent, Lender, Loan Officer, Loan Processor, Seller, or Seller Agent contacts.

When submitting a contact that is part of your organization, you should include "is_company_user": true. At least one "company user" is required, and must include an email.

FieldTypeRequiredAdditional Notes
property_addressesarray of objectsRequired
property_addresses.*.stateStringRequiredTwo-Letter (Ex: TN)
contactsarray of objectsRequired
contacts.*.emailString (email)Optional
Required when is_company_user is true
contacts.*.roleStringRequiredAssigner, Buyer, Buyer Agent, Lender, Loan Officer, Loan Processor, Seller, Seller Agent
contacts.*.is_company_userBooleanRequiredtrue for Lender, Loan Officer, Loan Processor

false for Buyer, Buyer Agent, Seller, Seller Agent
closing_dateDate (format: "Y-m-d")RequiredThis can be an estimate.
purchase_priceInteger (in cents)Required$400,000 becomes 40000000
funding_typeStringOptional, defaults to CashCash, Loan
loan_amountInteger (in cents)Optional, required if funding_type is Loan$400,000 becomes 40000000
purchase_typeStringOptional, defaults to 'Standard'Standard, Assigmment, Double Close A-B, Double Close B-C

You should store the order_id locally in order to track Callbacks, upload, view & download related Documents, and other operations related to the Transaction / Order.